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Verizon’s public beta test of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could be coming to an end soon


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone, but customers who purchased the Verizon version have not been too happy with the device because of a number of bugs. After nearly 5 months of waiting, it appears that Verizon could be close to releasing a software update that resolves many of the known issues that users have been complaining about.

Verizon customers with the Galaxy Nexus are still running Android 4.0.2 (unless they hacked their device), while most other Galaxy Nexus models have already moved on to Android 4.0.4. The latest update included over 100 changes and fixed many of the annoying bugs that people were complaining about.

This week several lucky Verizon subscribers started reporting that their device received an upgrade to Android 4.0.4 over the air. This latest software package included a build number, IMM76K, that was newer than the Android 4.0.4 build that Verizon was testing back in February.

Several persistent hackers were able to discover the download URL for the update package, but Google quickly pulled it down after it leaked out. There are instructions floating around all over the web if you want to try and manually flash it, but keep in mind this might not be the final version that goes out to all Verizon customers. I have decided not to hack my Galaxy Nexus because I want to share the voice of the average Verizon subscriber who has no clue what flashing is.

We recently reached out to Verizon to see if they could provide us a statement on the software upgrade for the Galaxy Nexus and we finally received something we could share.

All updates are a result of work with our hardware and software partners and have to be tested on our network just like our phones. When they are ready we push them to handsets but we don’t do that until we are absolutely certain they won’t harm either customers’ phones or our network.Company RepresentativeVerizon

Based on that statement it appears that Verizon might be testing a new update with a small group of devices. We don’t know when the broad rollout will begin, but Verizon has a good track record of letting the online media know when new software updates are available.

As we reported last week, a Google employee said they were “very glad that Google is back in the business of selling phones directly without any middlemen to interfere.”

It’s unfortunate that Verizon customers had to put up with a device that randomly reboots daily, has multitouch issues, drops call, and suffers from poor battery life, but at least help is on the way.

Going forward, Verizon and Sprint customers should get used to the fact that their Galaxy Nexus devices will likely lag behind the GSM version by at least a month when it comes to new updates.

It might not be that big of an issue after this Android 4.0.4 update is out and fixes most of the known bugs, but it could be annoying when your friends on AT&T and T-Mobile are enjoying Android 5.0, and you are stuck waiting on your carrier to approve the update.

Look for an update as soon as we hear the official update is going live.

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