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Google revamping Play Store for Jelly Bean?


Google I/O is set to take off this week, and we’re slowly learning what Google may have in store for the next version of Android. Aside from a Nexus Tablet certain to make its debut at the show, the operating system the tablet will run on, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, will also feature some new enhancement for the Android faithful. A rumor out this morning suggests that Google may have revamped the Google Play Store for Android, with a redesigned UI more akin to that of the desktop Play Store.

Jelly Bean Play Store

A Google+ post by Loranz Yousif (via HD Blog)¬†give us a first glimpse at what a redesigned Play Store might look like. Across the top of the home screen is a rolling bar of popular applications, and a scrollable list of “What’s Hot” applications are found at the bottom. If this sounds familiar, it should. This is almost exactly what the Android Market looked like before the current version (see gallery at the end of this post).

While it doesn’t really make sense that Google would shy away from the redesign effort it rolled out with the Google Play rebrand and go back to a style it has already moved away from, it doesn’t mean we won’t see Play Store changed in some way. There are always improvements to be had, and I personally prefer the scrollable list of popular apps over the current setup. Of course, anything’s possible, and we’re just a few short days away from the Jelly Bean unveil.

What do you think of the mockup of the new Play Store? Is this the final look of the Play Store for Android 4.1, or will we see something totally different (or, no change) this week at I/O?

Jelly Bean Play Store Old Android Market

Via: HD Blog

Source: loranz Yousif (Google+)

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