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Instapaper for Android now available for $2.99


Instapaper for Android has arrived! For those who don’t know. Instapaper is a wildly popular application (previously an exclusive iOS application) which allows users to save web pages for reading later. The application strips out all the ads and unnecessary content from the page and presents the text in a clean and intuitive UI. Users can manipulate the font size and style just as they would in any eReader application.

While the idea behind Instapaper is extremely simple, the implementation is the most critical aspect. Offline web page viewing is a feature which Google built into the updated web browsing experience in Android 4.0, but the interface in clunky and does not allow for much customization.

Instapaper Features

  • Adjustable fonts and text sizes
  • Dark Mode for night reading
  • Syncs your position in each article between multiple Android devices
  • Folders for organizing articles
  • Native Android sharing
  • Lock rotation
  • Download up to 500 articles at a time

instapaper_3 instapaper_4 instapaper_5 instapaper_6 instapaper_7 instapaper_1 instapaper_2 instapaper_1

The launch of the application on Android is a bit surprising since  its creator, Marco Arment, has never been a fan of Google OS and recently stated that he has no plans on developing the application for Android.  Technically, Arment stuck to his guns since he did not personally develop the Android application. Instead, Mobelux was enlisted to deliver Instapaper to all the little green robots across the globe.

Instapaper for Android is available on for Android 2.2+ devices and downloaded from Google Play for $2.99. To make things even better, Mobelux has developed specific versions of the application for the NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet and Amazon’s Kindle Fire and can be downloaded from their respective application stores.

How many of you have been waiting for Instapaper for Android? Is $2.99 a fair price or would they have more success if they priced it a little lower?

Via: The Verge

Source: Mobelux

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