Jun 14 AT 11:28 AM Anthony Domanico 16 Comments

Max Payne finally launches on Android, $2.99 on Google Play


What more can we say about Max Payne? The dude is badass, and the game is singlehandedly responsible for the introduction of bullet time. Now, you can get the original Max Payne in all its glory on your Android device, for the stupid-low price of $2.99. Of course, there are some optimizations to be had if you own a Tegra device (most notable on Tegra 3), so you Tegra-toting Android owners out there are in for a treat.

Fair warning; you’ll have to download an additional 1.3GB of game data prior to actually being able to play Max Payne, so we recommend you connect to a WiFi connection prior to downloading. Once the download’s away, you will be presented with a Rockstar-made mobile version of the game we’ve all come to know and love over the years.

Seriously, why haven’t you downloaded this yet? Do it, NOW!


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