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Developers can now respond to your comments in Google Play


Checking the overall rating and reading through recent feedback on an app or game in Google Play can be a great way to get a feel for what to expect from it.

This is all the more critical for paid apps, as 15 minutes isn’t really enough time to get a solid impression of an app. This leaves you dependent on what those that have gone before you have to say and user comments are one of the best sources of information since you can usually find someone that uses your specific device.

Well until now those comments were a one way system with users complaints, questions or compliments available for the developers to read, but unable to respond publicly unless they work it into the app description. Starting today, developers with a Top Developer badge will be able to respond inline to user comments and assuming this goes well the feature will be rolled out to more developers going forward.

When the developer does reply to a comment it will automatically send an email notifying the commenter and from there they can either get in touch with the developer directly or amend their review if they feel that is appropriate.

Here’s a sample of what the new feature will look like in the developer console.

Google Play Developer Console with comment replies

I’d love to hear from both sides on this. Do you developers appreciate the ability to respond to feedback (be it good or bad) in public or does that not seem productive to you? And for users will this maybe make you more cautious about what you post in a comment on an app knowing that you may actually get a direct response?

Source: Android Developers Blog

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