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Google+ lands official tablet app and events with Google calendar support


Did you really think we’d get through a Google event without seeing what’s new with Google+? Google is always touting the numbers and services behind its social network whenever they get the chance, and today at I/O is no different.

It seems like the network was just launching yesterday, but tomorrow, Google+ will be one year old. So how has it fared over the past year? According to Google, not too bad. Here’s how the numbers break down:

  • So far, 250 million people have signed up for Google+.
  • Of those 250 million, 150 million sign on at least once a month.
  • Of those 150 million, 75 sign in at least once a day.

Those numbers are poised to go up, thanks to a little help from the new Google+ tablet app.

Available on Android today, the Google+ tablet app looks great. It’s fast, it’s fluid and it puts content from your stream front and center. For those of you not using an Android tablet, an iPad version of the app is coming out soon.

Also announced today, Google+ will be adding support for events that integrate with your Google calendar. By using a before, during and after mode, Google+ events will help keep photos and information organized surrounding the event. For example, during the event time, Google+ will ask if you’d like to share any photos taken to the event page. And afterwards, you’ll be reminded to share and tag pictures.

Google+ events will be available to the public sometime in the near future.

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