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Nexus 7 makes an appearance in Picasa Web Albums

2 years ago 22

In case any of you curmudgeons were still doubting the existence of a 7″ Nexus Tablet, more evidence is mounting for the soon to be announced slate. A picture of a ceiling was taken from inside Google’s Building 44, and EXIF data suggests the pictures were taken from a device named Nexus 7. While EXIF data are easy to manipulate, The Verge suggests the pictures are likely legitimate when you consider that the photographer’s Google+ account has several other Google employees in his circles.

The Nexus 7 should be making an appearance at Google I/O later this month, with a widespread release slated for July. With the Nexus 7, Google is hoping to get more users to adopt Android tablets by offering high-range components with a $150-200 pricetag. We’ll be bringing you all the news, Nexus 7 and otherwise, from Google I/O, set for June 27th in San Francisco.