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Rubin: Android activations reach 900,000 per day


Taking to Twitter, Google’s Andy Rubin announced that there are 900,000 Android devices activated every day. That’s 328.5 million devices activated every year, nearly the total population of the United States. Clearly Android is continuing to grow at impressive rates, and we should expect to see that number creep ever closer to 1,000,000 daily activations by the end of the year (perhaps spurred, in part, by the Nexus Tablet).

With Android’s continued success, Rubin reiterated via Twitter that he has “no plans to leave Google,” in response to a Robert Scoble rumor going around that Rubin would leave Google for startup CloudCar. And why would he? With Android making up over 50% of the U.S. smartphone market, Rubin’s Android is clearly the leading platform out there and continues to grow in market share largely at the expense of RIM and the feature phone market.

Source: Andy Rubin (Twitter)

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