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Verizon’s Galaxy S III won’t ship until early July?


Verizon may have been first out of the gate with a press release regarding their Galaxy S III, but it looks like a release date is going to be one feature that isn’t shared by all of the US Galaxy S IIIs.

Pre-orders will start tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Eastern time for the Verizon Galaxy S III and we had been hoping that this meant a launch right around June 21st, lining up with T-Mobile and Sprint’s plans.

Unfortunately it looks like Verizon customers might have to make it through Independence Day without a Galaxy S III by their side as multiple sources are placing Verizon’s launch date in early July with shipping dates varying from July 5th to July 9th.

The guys at Android Community are hearing July 5th, a Thursday, which is Verizon’s preferred day for new device launches.

Droid-Life on the other hand has heard both July 6th and July 9th as possible dates. A Friday or Monday would be a bit unusual for Verizon, but an insider was able to snap the blurriest of blurrycam shots for them which clearly states “Pre-ordered phones will ship by July 9th.” This also leaves open the possibility that the phones would ship July 9th, but not be available in store until July 12th.

Verizon system shows July 9 shipping date for Galaxy S III

Now I wouldn’t take any of these dates as gospel as these things can change rapidly, however Verizon is famous for their delays so it would come as no surprise if they were to launch a few weeks behind everyone else. They might just be using that extra time to get their data plans sorted out.

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