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Whale Trail for Android adds a free-to-play option

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When Whale Trail launched on Android back in January, I was instantly hooked. Gameplay was simple, intuitive, and, most importantly, addictive. The concept of Whale Trail is simple; you take the reigns as Willow the Whale, launching, flipping, and dashing your way against a colorful sky, collecting balloons and avoiding bad clouds along the way. Touch the screen to propel yourself upward, don’t touch the screen to fly back down, and go as far as you can until your life meter runs out.

Whale Trail sold over 20,000 copies at the $0.99 asking price, amassing a 4.5 star rating along the way. The folks at ustwo are hoping to have even more people meet Willow the Whale, and today have announced a free-to-play version of Whale Trail, Whale Trail Frenzy, which adds skill upgrades, other playable characters, and new power-ups.

Of course, the game is ad-supported, meaning you’ll have to face some pesky ads to play, and a few users reported having problems with the application when it came to launching ads, but we expect that issue will be resolved in a future update. I’ve been playing Whale Trail Frenzy for the last few days, and haven’t noticed any issues with the game, the ads are non-intrusive, and it remains as fun or perhaps a bit moreso than the original with the added features.

If you’re in the mood for a fun casual game to pick up, we suggest at least trying out Whale Trail Frenzy.


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