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Apple ordered to publish notice that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab doesn’t copy the iPad


A few weeks back, a UK judge ruled that the Samsung galaxy Tab was “not as cool” as the iPad and dismissed Apples claims that Samsung had copied the design of its tablet. While Samsung may have been offended by the backhanded victory it was given, we’re fairly certain that their lawyers and executives are popping open the champagne bottles after hearing today’s news.

In order to fix the “damaging impression the South Korea-based company was copying Apple’s product” Apple will be required to post a notice in newspapers, magazines and on its UK website which states that the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not copy Apple’s iPad design. The notice will refer to the July 9th court ruling and will be posted on the home page of Apple’s website for six months.

While the patent system may be completely screwed up, we’re glad to see judges handing out unusual punishments to those who initiate the lawsuits. There’s no telling how this outcome will affect the sales of the iPad or the Galaxy Tab, but we’re sure Apple will be a little more careful next time they try to sue their competition in the UK.

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Source: Bloomberg

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