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AT&T Galaxy Note finally updated to Android 4.0; just in time for T-Mobile


When the international version of the Galaxy Note received Android 4.0, packaged as Samsung’s Premium Suite, AT&T users knew they’d have a couple month wait until the update was reworked to Ma Bell’s standards. Sure enough, here we are some two months later and the update is finally rolling out to AT&T Galaxy Notes starting tomorrow. Coincidentally, just in time for T-Mobile to hopefully start selling the device.

There’s a reason why Samsung has attached the Premium Suite tag to the Note’s update to Ice Cream Sandwich. It doesn’t just include the normal ICS flavored enhancements some devices have been enjoying for quite awhile now. There’s a ton of S-Pen functionality added to Android 4.0 that breathes new life into the device.

The biggest changes in the update come bundled with a new and much improved S-Note app. As detailed by The Verge, who has spent some hands-on time with the update, S-Note can now transcribe hand writing into text, convert scribbles into honest to goodness shapes, submit equations to Wolfram Alpha and import PDF files for annotation. Samsung has also included an S-Memo widget, and made My Story, the greeting card app, available for download in Google Play.

Of course along with the added S-Pen functionality, there is a huge boost in performance. It’s still no Jelly Bean, which uses Project Butter to make Android smoother than ever, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

In other Note related news, we couldn’t help but notice the eerie timing between the AT&T Note’s update date, tomorrow, July 10th, and the original rumored release date for T-Mobile’s highly anticipated Note variation, July 11th. Especially since T-Mobile’s Note is rumored to actually launch with ICS, and Galaxy Note accessories have started showing up in T-Mobile retail stores today. There’s good reason to believe T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note won’t be available until August 8th at this point, but things are falling together quite nicely for a rushed July 11th release.

AT&T Note users, feel free to come back to this post tomorrow and share your Android 4.0 update experiences. We’d love to hear how it went.

Source: The Verge

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