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ComScore finds Android and Samsung still dominating mobile


ComScore has just released their latest quarterly mobile phone report, revealing the leaders in both platform and manufacturer market share in the US. Not much has changed since ComScore’s last report, which means Android and Samsung are still well in the lead.

According to ComScore, Android controls 50.9% of the smartphone market in the US. The second closest platform is of course iOS, with 31.9%. Everyone else in the industry, including RIM, Microsoft and Symbian, own less than 17% combined. RIM’s BlackBerry OS and Symbian are continuing to lose market share, slipping 2.4% together, while Microsoft is struggling to gain traction with Windows Phone. Microsoft may not have lost market share, but their 0.1% gain gives Windows Phone a mere 4% of the market overall.

As far as manufacturers go, smartphone platform market share is well reflected. When counting both phones and smartphones, Samsung owns 25.7% of the market. A 0.1% increase over last quarter. LG comes in second with 19.1% and Apple in third with 15%, but LG fell 0.3%, while Apple gained 1.5%.

With the way things are headed in the US, I wouldn’t expect these numbers to change too drastically before the end of the year. Apple may gobble up a bigger piece of the pie with the release of the iPhone 5 this fall, but demand for the Galaxy S III has been enormous. That combined with the highly anticipated Note II and whatever else HTC has up their sleeve should help balance things out.

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Source: ComScore

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