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Google Fiber Internet, TV become reality

Google Fiber TV

Google’s 1000Mbps fiber Internet service has been in the works for years now. After miles of red tape, costly construction fees and more than a few obstacles along the way, Google Fiber has finally launched in Kansas City, Missouri. And it’s everything you ever thought it would be.

With real world speeds sitting at around 1000 to 800 Mbps up and down, Google Fiber is the future of Internet access in America. With no data caps and no overage fees, Google aims to make Fiber the most forward-thinking connectivity solution available.

While processor speed and data storage have rapidly advanced in the last several years, Internet speed has slowed to a crawl. Not only have speeds barely improved in the last decade, but prices have steadily gone up. The US is far behind other places in the world when it comes to Internet speed, pricing and availability. Google Fiber will change that.

To start using Fiber, as the service is in its earliest stages, consumers will have to jump through some hoops. Fiberhoods, Google’s cutesy word for neighborhoods, in Kansas City will have to register for $10 in large enough numbers in order to get Google’s attention. In other words, neighborhoods will have to prove they want it. If your neighborhood makes the numbers, then Google will begin the rollout.

In order to get service at your location, you’ll have to pay a $300 construction fee, or sign a two-year contract. After that, you can get access to much slower Internet (5Mbps) for free or pay $70 a month for the real deal. For $120 a month, subscribers can add in another service announced today:  Fiber TV.

Utilizing a stripped down and rather handsome Google TV user interface, a 2TB DVR storage box (capable of capturing 500 hours of TV) and a Google TV box, Fiber TV users will be able to watch over 150 channels on any TV in their house. Fiber TV will be controlled by iOS and Android apps as well as a Bluetooth remote. And, the $120 a month Internet and TV package will include a free Nexus 7. Google hasn’t quite nailed down contracts with everyone and is missing some Disney and Time Warner properties on Fiber TV. But they’re still offering a great lineup of channels right off the bat.

We should see homes in Kansas City using Google Fiber as soon as this fall. If you’re wondering when Google Fiber will rech your city, it may be awhile. But with the amount of money invested in the project, rest assured it will make its way out into the rest of the country eventually. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be looking for apartments in Kansas City for the rest of the afternoon, and dreaming of the Google Cellular plans I’ll be using while watching Fiber TV and surfing the web at insanely fast speeds.

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