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Google postpones Nexus Q launch, provides free units to the few people that pre-ordered


When Google placed the Nexus Q on sale last week, we joked that there would be no shortages because no one was going to order it. Several tech blogs reported that Google had sold out of the first batch of when the expected ship date was changed, but Google never released any details on how many units were sold.

Now we find out that the launch of the streaming media player has been postponed indefinitely as Google works on “making it even better.” The Nexus Q currently streams media from Google Play and YouTube (and that’s all), so Google won’t have much trouble improving the user experience.

For starters, Google could enable the full Android desktop experience on the device and add access to the Google Play store. I’d also love to see them support the Miracast wireless display standard, so users could beam their Android devices to their TV. On top of all that, the $299 price needs to be slashed in half.

Those customers who did pre-order the Nexus Q will receive the device for free. Google is now referring to the product as the “Nexus Q preview” since it is basically a half-baked beta experience.

No details were provided on when the Nexus Q might return in a new form, but users can give Google their email on the product page to receive future updates.

If I was in charge of the project, I’d just cancel the Nexus Q and focus all my resources on improving the Google TV experience (aka the product people are buying).

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Source: Google Play Store

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