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Samsung projects record breaking Q2 profits as HTC profits take a nosedive


The best way to know which handset manufacturers are selling devices like hotcakes is by taking a quick look at their books. HTC and Samsung are the two largest players in the Android world, so its nice when things line up and we get to see their quarterly revenue estimates at the same time.

Samsung is projecting profits for Q2 to come in between $5.7 billion and $5.9 billion with total revenue settling in at $40 billion. The profit numbers for Q2 of 2012 could represent an 84% jump from the same quarter in 2011. Unfortunately, HTC’s revenue and profits for Q2 of 2012 don’t come anywhere near Samsung’s projections.

HTC’s unaudited numbers for the quarter show revenue reaching $3.04 billion, a 26.8% drop from last year. HTC’s $247 million in profits took an even bigger hit by falling 57.1% year-over-year. HTC is still sitting with some respectable profits, but we doubt anyone at their headquarters is happy that they are back where they were a little over two years ago.

While there’s a clear difference between Samsung’s growth and HTC contraction, comparing numbers between the two companies doesn’t really give us a clear picture. Samsung is the world larges electronics company that produces a wide range of appliances and home electronics while HTC’s product line is made up by a few dozen smartphones. We’d be interested to see how much of Samsung’s profits are attributed to its mobile division and its smartphone lineup.

Fortunately for us, Samsung and HTC are both making a lot of money. This means we’ll be seeing new Android powered smartphones from them for a long, long time.

Source: HTC Source

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