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Video: Compared to Google Now, Siri is embarrassingly bad


I’m sure by now we’ve all seen our fair share of Google Now’s voice search functionality vs Apple’s Siri. Since the introduction of Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, and Google Now, comparison and demonstration videos have popped up all over online. But they’ve yet to be this hilarious.

In today’s Google Now vs Siri video, Annie Gaus of App Judgement has put the two services through a slightly different torture test to see which one reigns supreme. Instead of reading off a list of common commands and questions you might ask a personal assistant, she asked both an iPhone 4S and Nexus 7 things she’s asked her phone through web search in the week before making the video. The results speak for themselves. (Start watching at 3:15.)

The two most important things I took away from the video: For one, when asking Google Now for information, and there’s no card to show you directly, displaying the Google search results right away is incredibly powerful and useful. And secondly, Siri seriously loves stallions. Really.

Source: DroidLife

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