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Google Wallet drops Citi exclusivity, now supports all credit cards

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The Google Wallet service has just gotten an update, and it’s the most important update yet.

When Wallet originally launched, users could only add a Google Prepaid Card or Citi MasterCard for NFC payment, leaving basically everyone else in the dust. Of course, you could add funds to your Google Prepaid Card with whatever card you liked, but that was often viewed as complicated or defeated the purpose of a truly-integrated wallet.

Today, Google has announced on its Wallet site that users of the Wallet app could now add any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card to use for mobile payments. The move obviously is huge as it allows any phone with NFC and access to the Wallet app the ability to replace all the credit cards in your wallet at all retailers that support NFC.

The updated Google Wallet also moves security to the cloud as opposed to local device storage, allowing for synced preferred payment methods and a single online management hub for all online and in-store payments from your Google Wallet account. The update also allows you to disable Wallet on individual devices, should you lose or sell your Android phone.

Here’s hoping Google is actively working on bringing support for Google Wallet to more devices. Will you actually be using Google Wallet more now that it supports all major credit cards? Sound off in the comments.


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Source: Google Commerce Blog

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