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Are you ready to play? This week we started a new focus on mobile gaming. Over the next two weeks we will cover the best Android devices for gaming, pick the best games in each category, compare multiple controllers, review cloud gaming services, and more.

All our gaming related content will now be featured in a new channel found at /gaming. To help get the Gaming Channel going, we are teaming up with @NVIDIATegra to give away a Nexus 7 tablet to people who create a thread about gaming. We have long promised that we will feature user generated content on our front page, and this is your opportunity to have something you create shared with thousands of Android fans.

The Giveaway: Google Nexus 7 (16 GB)

Nexus 7 is a no compromise Android tablet that’s designed to go wherever you go. With a stunning 7” display, powerful quad-core Tegra 3 processor and up to 8 hours of battery life during active use, Nexus 7 was built to bring you the best of Google in a slim, portable package that fits perfectly in your hand.

How to Play

If you want to win a free Nexus 7 tablet, then you will have to create some gaming-related content that is appealing to your peers.

  • Login to Android and Me or Join Now if you do not have an account
  • Create a new gaming related thread and make sure it appears in category Gaming
  • Quality threads will be promoted to the Gaming Channel and be entered to win
  • Contest will run for a week and we will announce the winner on Monday, August 27th.

Example threads include:

  • Create your own Top 10 list for a games category: Pick the best 10 games in any category. Include a link to the Play Store and a short description of why someone should install the game. List topics could include Top 10 Sports Games, Top-down shooter, Zombie, 3D RPG, etc. Example: Top 10 First Person Shooter Games
  • Review your favorite Android game: Submit a 500 word review of any Android game that you would recommend to others. Format should include a list of good points, not-so-good points, and final words. Give the game a score of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
  • Review any gaming accessory or service: Have a favorite controller you enjoy playing with? Let us know the good and the bad with a review. Example — Sony SmartWatch Review
  • Write a how-to guide: Example — How I use my PS3 controller to play emulator games.
  • Any topic related to mobile gaming: Are you sick of freemium games? Have a feature request for all developers (like cloud saving)?

View your profile to check your total points.

Tips for making threads:

  • Our threads are different from traditional forums. It will cost users 20 points to post a thread. Points are earned by leaving comments and having others upvote your comments. Read more about threads.
  • To get everyone rolling, we are turning on a POINT MULTIPLIER for leaving a comment on this post.
  • Don’t rush to create a thread! Spend some time crafting your idea and putting some thought into it before you post.
  • Be descriptive with your thread title. A post with the title “Android games” is not going to attract others.

Multiple Chances to Win

We are giving away one Nexus 7 for our Gaming Channel, but we still have three more tablets up for grabs. Over the coming weeks we will be launching channels for Entertainment, Fitness, and Parenting. We will not be accepting entries for those giveaways yet, but you can start thinking up creative ideas for a thread you might want to create.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany. Entries will be accepted for one week after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on this page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

Contest Winner

Congratulations to theviper21 for winning the first threads challenge.

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