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Goodbye, Android and Me, and thank you


I’ve written hundreds of posts for Android and Me, and this is by far the most difficult I’ve had to write. In just two short days, my time as a writer and editor for the best Android site out there is coming to a close. I know the Wimberly men will take the site in awesome new directions, and each and every one of you are in good hands. I can’t thank Clark and Taylor enough for taking a shot on me as a writer, for giving me the opportunity to build my voice, and allowing me to play an integral role in the behind the scenes aspect of the site.

As far as the rest of the motley crew, I can honestly say I’ve never worked with such a great group of people, and each and every one of them has influenced me in some way or another. If I haven’t said it enough already, you guys are in truly wonderful hands, and far better writers than I will continue to bring you top-quality content.

Finally, the readers. You guys absolutely rock, and have wonderful, deep, and thoughtful conversations in the comments section. It has truly been my pleasure to engage with you as we figured out the Android world together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you, and for challenging me to do better and better work.

As I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, you can read my very first post on Android and Me, my official review of the newly-released Twitter for Android application from back in May 2010. I wrote a few guest posts before then (okay, a few dozen), but this was my first actual post as a paid freelancer!

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