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Android Gaming Weekly: Horn, Agent Dash, Punch Hero


Welcome back to the return of our regular column Android Gaming Weekly, where we recap all the new releases and highlights every Wednesday. We post small bits throughout the week related to Android games, but readers have requested a condensed summary that makes it easier to keep up with all the latest news. Read on for this week’s best in Android gaming.

Top 10 New Android Games This Week


Developer says: “Come swing your fists in this all-immersive mobile boxing game. Hone your jabs, hooks and uppercuts at the Training Center while accumulating special skills and power moves in the Skill Store. Presented in hilarious 3D, Punch Hero is addictive as it is challenging.”

Taylor says: Haven’t played it yet, but I always loved Super Punch Out. Gamevil is a pretty solid developer, so you can expect this is a quality release.



Developer says: “Play God Almighty in Babel Rising 3D to prevent the Babylonians from building the famous Babel tower. Unleash your wrath and mortify these arrogant humans with your divine powers. Summon bolts of lightning, massive earthquakes, meteor showers or vengeful floods upon the Babylonians.”

Taylor says: Nice graphics for a free game. Single player campaign includes 15 missions and over 100 challenges.



Developer says: “Don the tux and run for Queen & Country in the best action game of the year! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to destroy as many villainous bases as you can! Sprint through gorgeous environments, using secret agent skills to evade every hazard the evil megalomaniacs can throw at you, from laser beams and falling trees to skidding trucks and fiery lava.”

Taylor says: Looks like Temple Run on speed. Full Fat is a top developer, so this one is worth checking out if you like the run and jump games.



Developer says: “On a boring afternoon, I used a speaking spell to the sheep. Suddenly, the sheep started acting like humans and escaping from the farm. I have to use different magic spells to change them back to their original state before the sheep owner finds out. Otherwise, everyone will find out that I was the greatest wizard of the kingdom and I will not be able to live an ordinary life in my hometown.”

Taylor says: It’s a tower defense game where you destroy sheep with magic spells and weapons. Need I say more?



Developer says: “Spin the reels to win coins and dash across a variety of different exciting and magical worlds. Join hot jackpots with your friends, then get lucky and grab the cash before they do!”

Taylor says: You either love Zynga games or you hate them. I’m not a fan of slots, but some might find this game entertaining.



Developer says: “Build your kingdom, train your army, and fight against the Dark King’s minions! In Kingdoms & Lords, the peace and quiet of your rural village are shattered by the threat of Barbarian forces. With war upon your region, you must build up your village and train your militia.”

Taylor says: This is Gameloft’s latest free to play title. It could deliver hours of fun, but expect to be encouraged to make in-app purchases.



Developer says: “Let the marvelous guns and pictures make your finger crazy! This is the end of the world. You are totally alone in this bloody city. And all you can see around you is zombies, zombies, and zombies.”

Taylor says: This is a button masher, but it’s a good time waster. I like the character artwork and animations.



Developer says: “Pinball Pro is #1 pinball game for your Android phone and features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables. This game sets a new standard for realistic ball physics and graphical detail in pinball video games. You will be stunned with the level of realism and cutting-edge visuals.”

Taylor says: Game looks really basic and only includes three tables, but it’s free to play and has good reviews.



Developer says: “The war between the Empire and the Orcs is breaking out! Use your wisdom to crush enemy tribes and destroy the den of Orcs! Warrior, command your cavalry, infantry, archers and spearmen, use your wisdom to crush enemy tribes and destroy the den of Orcs!”

Taylor says: Looks like a tower defense game on steroids.



Developer says: “Do you suffer from an uncontrollable desire to kick balls? Thankfully, there is a cure. Through intuitive touch control and simple single button gameplay, Freekick Battle is the fix you need. With its sophisticated physics engine, Freekick Battle enables you to kick, spin and shoot balls with realistic accuracy!”

Taylor says: Another sports title from Gamevil. Havne’t played it yet, but I just installed it.


Android Games Coming Soon


This new release from Phosphor Games was first previewed at Google IO. Their last title Dark Meadow was one of the best looking Android games, so I’m really excited to see what they do this time around. Horn is expected to debut on iOS this week and find it’s way to Android later this month.


This is the sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth, which is one of my favorite tower defense games. Not many details are available, but the game is expected to be released this fall.


This game is on our radar because it comes from 11 bit studios, makers of the Anomaly series mentioned above. In this game you guide Moonboy safely through various traps, clear obstructions from his path, and shift his surroundings to create a safe passage to the cozy bed. An Android release is expected soon.

Games I’m currently playing

Anomaly Warzone Earth: I’ve been working on a list of Top Tower Defense Games and I finally got to play Anomaly Warzone Earth last week. This game is classified as a tower offense game, but it will appeal to anyone that loves defense games. From the moment I started playing, I couldn’t put this game down. The single-player campaign only took me a couple days to finish, but I thought it was well worth the $3.99 asking price.


What Android games are you playing?

Find any great new Android games this week? Share your favorites in the comments below so we can check them out.

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