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An inside look at the inspiration and design process behind the Samsung Galaxy S III


The Samsung Galaxy S III is currently the most popular Android phone on the market. While it’s been available in Europe and the U.S. for some time, we really have not gotten a close look at how the handset was designed and manufactured. We’ve all seen the official promotional videos which were shown off at the handset’s unveiling in London, but many of us will find this new video a bit more appealing since it gives us a look (a pretty¬†brief¬†one at that) inside Samsung and what goes on behind the scenes.

Samsung’s video of the Galaxy S III isn’t as detailed as the HTC EVO LTE video from a few months back or even the Nexus One design series which was released by Google, but it’s still a nice try. Do any of you appreciate these videos that manufacturers are pushing out or is it simply another marketing ploy to get you to buy their phones?

Via: Engadget

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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