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Apple, Samsung CEOs to have final talk before trial handed over to jury

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According to an anonymous source, Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun are expected to talk today about possible settlement agreements over the Apple versus Samsung lawsuit. Both sides have rested their cases and are expected to begin closing arguments on Tuesday with jury deliberation scheduled to begin on Wednesday. The outcome of the phone call between Tim Cook and Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun will be presented to US District Judge Lucy Koh, who has stressed multiple times that both Apple and Samsung would be better served by settling their difference out of court.

While it would make sense for Apple and Samsung to come to an agreement, both companies have a lot of pride in their products and their intellectual property. Both parties have tried their best to defend their infringement claims, but neither has been able to present any evidence to suggest that they have the upper hand in this battle.

Jury deliberations are expected to take more than a few days, and it’s nearly impossible to predict in which direction they will rule. Based on what you know of the trial, do you think Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun will come to an agreement? If the trial does go do jury deliberations, who do you think will come out on top?

Source: Bloomberg

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