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Apple seeking injunction on eight Samsung phones


Apple may still be ecstatic over the huge sum of money that will soon be making its way into its coffers, but that’s not getting in its way of filing new papers with the courts today, requesting preliminary injunctions on eight Samsung phones which infringe on its patents.

Apple and Samsung already have September 20th circled on their calendars for an injunction hearing, but Apple’s request for preliminary injunctions against Samsung’s products is an attempt to block the phones from entering the market even before that date.

We are not sure if the judge will grant Apple’s preliminary injunction request, but we have a feeling that Samsung and its carrier partners will have to find replacements to fill the gaps in their lineups once September 20th rolls around. While most of the devices listed in the chart below are more than a year old, they are currently being used by most carriers as cheap alternatives to today’s flagship offerings.

In response to the Court’s August 24, 2012, Apple respectfully submits the following chart, reflecting the eight out of the twenty-eight adjudicated infringing products for which it seeks a preliminary injunction pending a final injunction. Each X reflects a jury finding in Apple’s favor and the Q reference identifies the question on the verdict form at which the finding can be found.Apple

Source: The Verge

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