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Droid 4, Galaxy S III and Xperia P all slated to receive major updates soon


Three different Android devices are making headlines today thanks to major updates in the works. According to the latest news and rumors from around the web, Droid 4 and Xperia P users should get ready for an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, while Galaxy S III users can rest easy knowing Jelly Bean will be available for their device before the end of the year.

Announced on the Sony India Facebook page, it has been revealed that the Xperia P will be receiving an update to Ice Cream Sandwich between the dates of August 19th, and August 25th. Some two weeks from now. It doesn’t get more forward than that.

Unfortunately, Motorola has not been as open about an upcoming “soak test” for an update scheduled for the Droid 4. But as pointed out by DroidLife, there’s good reason to believe the update will be Ice Cream Sandwich. Not only did Motorola promise an update to Android 4.0 would land in Q3 of this year, users of the “ICS Waiting Room” thread on the Motorola Droid 4 forums were reminded by a moderator to opt-in to the Motorola Feedback Network. Hint, hint.

Finally, we have some great news for Galaxy S III, S II, Note and future Note II users. According to SamMobile, a usually reputable site when it comes to Samsung related rumors, all four of Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices are slated to receive an update to Jelly Bean sometime in Q4. The S II, S III and Note are all rumored to have tested well with the update internally at Samsung. As for the Note II, a quick update to Jelly Bean would only be necessary if the device is launched with ICS.

What do you think, do you own any of these devices? Excited for an update to keep your device feeling a little more modern? Let us know in the comments below.

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