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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Camera video roundup


Samsung is no stranger to taking an idea that has been poorly executed in the past, and getting it right. But even for the world’s number one Android manufacturer, building a successful point-and-shoot camera powered by Android is no easy task.

Where others have failed, Samsung is looking to succeed. They’re taking the best the company has to offer from their successful line of Galaxy smartphones, and throwing it into a bonafide high quality camera. For the hyper-connected, always on urban photographers out there, the Galaxy Camera is a dream come true. WiFi, 3G/4G access, a 4.8-inch HD display. Complete access to Google Play apps.

If Samsung gets this right, photo sharing will never be the same. We’ve yet to get our hands on one ourselves, but judging by the reactions of people who have, the Galaxy Camera is definitely worthy of wearing the Galaxy name.

By taking their popular, household Galaxy branding and applying it to more than just phones and tablets, Samsung is not only looking to expand their marketshare, but mindshare as well. They want Galaxy to be synonymous with high-end innovative technology.

Personally, I couldn’t possibly be more excited to get my hands on the Galaxy Camera. How about you?

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