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Motorola and Intel could reveal the fastest Android phone next month in London


Early this year Motorola and Intel announced a multi-year partnership, but we have yet to see any mobile devices announced since then. That should change soon as Motorola just sent out an invitation to the press for an event with Intel that is planned for September 18th in London. Some sites are already speculating that this could be Motorola’s first Android phone to feature Intel’s Medfield chip, but that platform is aging and Intel already announced a faster part.

Intel’s first mobile chip that was adopted in Android phones was the Atom Z2460 (Medfield), which featured a single-core 1.6 GHz CPU and PowerVR SGX 540 GPU. Their next mobile chip is the Atom Z2580 (Clover Trail) that features a dual-core 1.8 GHz CPU, PowerVR SGX 544MP2 GPU, and integrated LTE.

Atom supports Hyper-Threading technology which allows two virtual or logical cores to run on each physical CPU core. This means the new dual-core Atom Z2580 will be able to run four threads, similar to other quad-core mobile processors. The newer PowerVR SGX 544MP2 GPU will also be clocked at 533 MHz, which would put it on the level of the fastest mobile GPU found in Apple’s iPad.

“Faster speeds only get you so far,” Mike Bell, Intel’s vice president for mobile, told the BBC. “It’s really all about user experience and the responsiveness of the device and less about speeds and feeds. What we are trying to do is work out what the next user experience should be on these hand-held devices and then work backwards to build into the silicon the hooks we need to create that experience, because it’s software and hardware that do it, not just one or the other.”

Several Windows 8 tablets from ASUS and Acer are going to use the Atom Z2580, so the part should be ready for smartphones as well. Motorola’s event is just a couple weeks away, so we will find out the details soon enough.

If the price and performance are right, would you buy an Android phone with Intel inside?

Via: BBC

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