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Taiwan Central Bank proposes HTC bailout to help company and stabilize Taiwan’s economy


With stiff competition from Apple and Samsung, HTC has posted some less than stellar numbers the past few quarters. The company is still profitable, but its decline in sales and revenue have contributed significantly to Taiwan’s five months of decline in exports which saw a drop in July of 11.6% from a year earlier.

In an effort to get HTC and the country back on track, the president of Taiwan Central Bank has urged the local government to step in. According to some sources, an unnamed official claims that the Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs is already working on a plan to help HTC.

While HTC been struggling to keep up with the record breaking numbers it posted last year, we’re not sure that the company really needs assistance from the government of Taiwan – at least not yet. HTC is still a dominant force the Android world, second only to Samsung. An HTC bailout may force the company to pull back on risky or innovative ideas which may actually help the company regain some market share and help them live up to the “quietly brilliant” tag line that they are so proud of.

So is HTC at a point where a bailout is the only option to get the company into a position where it can be competitive and regain market share?

Source: FOX Business

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