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Verizon begins testing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus


When Google released Android 4.1 for the GSM Galaxy Nexus we knew it would be awhile before the update finally reached the CDMA versions of the device on Sprint and Verizon. Thanks to a leaked update file we can now confirm Verizon is testing the update for their Galaxy Nexus.

Even though Verizon is testing the update, they still might not release it for another couple months. We saw Verizon go almost six months between updates last time, so there is no telling how long it could take this go around. If you feel comfortable flashing your Galaxy Nexus, then I would suggest grabbing the update file from Google’s servers and trying it out (here is a guide if you need help).

I have been using Jelly Bean on my GSM Galaxy Nexus for the last several months and I really enjoyed some of the new features like Google Now and Project Butter. Eventually I returned to my unlocked HTC One X for its better camera experience, but I would highly recommend Jelly Bean to anyone with a Galaxy Nexus.

Hopefully it doesn’t take Verizon another six months to certify this update and push it out to all their customers. If they are lucky, an official update could roll out next month.

Source: XDA-Developers

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