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Galaxy Note II will be priced at €639.90 on Vodafone


And one of the last pieces of the puzzle for the Galaxy Note II can now be slotted into place. Engadget spotted a sign from Vodafone at IFA indicating that the price for the Galaxy Note II off contract will be â‚¬639.90 or approximately $803.

Quick everyone freak out! Wait no, take a deep and measured breath and realize that that is the exact same price that Vodafone charges for the current Galaxy Note.

It is within the realm of reason then to assume that we will probably be seeing other carriers match their original pricing for the Galaxy Note which in the U.S. would mean $299.99 on contract. Honestly I was a bit surprised that the retail price on the Note through AT&T was $549.99, but hopefully this means we’ll see that duplicated as well.

So in the end pricing should basically be business as usual for the Galaxy Note II, but considering all these lawsuits have to be driving the cost of business up it’s good to see that isn’t getting passed down to consumers quite yet.

Source: Engadget

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