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Reminder: Bad Piggies comes to Android tomorrow

2 years ago 12

Angry Birds was once the most popular game on Android, but I think we grew tired of it over the years after the multiple sequels and endless holiday themed add-ons. Tomorrow Rovio will launch Bad Piggies, a game that gives you a chance to “finally see the pig picture and take the role of the infamous green antagonists.” A gameplay trailer was released last week that shows Bad Piggies should offer something different and it could be a lot of fun.

Like previous Angry Birds games, we expect there will be an ad-supported version that is free to play. I have always like Rovio games, but the whole genre started to feel stale so actually kind of excited to try Bad Piggies. Check out the teaser clip below and hit up the source link for some additional Bad Piggies comics.

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