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Android activations now at 1.3 million per day, over 480 million total activations


Eric Schmidt took the stage to kick off the Motorola event this afternoon and rattled off some new Android activation figures that are simply staggering.

Every single day, there are now 1.3 million Android devices activated. That’s up from one million per day at the end of June, which means they’ve seen a real acceleration over the last couple months. Only one guess as to which device can take the most credit for that surge.

Schmidt also revealed that total activations now stand at 480 million. At this rate they’ll crest the half a billion mark before the end of the month. That’s made all the more amazing when you realize that the total has doubled since January of this year.

The one perhaps sour note was that “only” 70,000 Android tablets are being activated per day, but Schmidt acknowledged that they were late to the tablet game and are looking to turn this around. It’s hard to imagine that the Nexus 7 hasn’t already started to accelerate that figure.

The lawsuits might be a thorn in Android’s side, but it looks like nothing is going to slow its momentum.

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