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Update: HTC One X 5 poses for official press shot – GSM variant of HTC’s phablet in the works?


Looking for more evidence that HTC will unveil its 5-inch phone at this week’s press event? An official press shot and a name may just do the trick. The image above shows a device named the HTC One X 5 which looks identical to the blurry-cam pictures we’ve already seen. The device looks very similar to the HTC DIx (HTC DROID Incredible X) which is heading to Verizon.

One other notable feature shown in the image is the size of the bezel around the 5-inch display. I originally noticed its thinness when working to confirm the size of the display last week, but the new image makes it a lot more obvious. Compared to the HTC One X, the bezel around the screen on the new HTC One X 5 is about half the size.

The naming discrepancy should really be an issue. HTC will most likely be using the HTC One X 5 name for its GSM version while allowing Verizon to contaminate the branding of its flagship devices. We doubt AT&T and T-Mobile are planning to carry the HTC One X 5 since both carriers have been fiddling with the HTC One X+. We’ll just have to wait until HTC’s press event on Wednesday to see if all the rumors are confirmed and what devices will be offered by your favorite service providers.

Update: based on some new information, it appears is though we’ve been dooped. As Alex has pointed out in the comments, the image is a design concept by Dannix which was originally posted to flickr. Closer examination of the image shows that the screen on the image has been lifter from a press shot of the HTC One X from when it was unveiled in Barcelona in late February.

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Source: Seina Weibo

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