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Investigative work proves mystery HTC device is the rumored 5-inch HTC phablet


The mysterious black HTC phone we saw last week has made another appearance – giving us a good view of the front side of the device for the first time. While there are quite a few HTC rumors floating around these days, the images have not been matched up directly with any of them. So we decided to take matters into our own hands to see if we could find a way to measure the size of the screen, hoping it would match up with the 5-inch HTC phablet rumors floating around.

The latest image of the mystery device gave us the perfect angle to do some investigative work. Since the image is a straight-on picture of the device, we were able to pull it into Photoshop and align it with a handful of other HTC phones. After a quick examination of the devices, we realized that HTC’s capacitive buttons below the screen were all the same size regardless of the device’s screen size. Once we realized this, we took an image of the HTC EVO 4G LTE and sized it down so that its capacitive buttons were as close in size to the capacitive buttons on the mystery device. Next, we measured the size of the screens and used the size of the 4.7-inch display on the EVO as our yard stick.

HTC2_AWJK5jkxhJR6 htc-mystery-red-phone2 htc-phablet-322x540 htc-phablet-size

In the end, our crude Photoshop work and rough mathematical calculations show that the mystery HTC phone features a 5.01-inch display. It’s a little off, but we’re fairly confident that the pictured device is directly related to the HTC 6435 5-inch phablet that’s heading to Verizon. It feels good to know what we’ve been able to connect these two rumors, but we’re even more excited about the images now since none of them feature any Verizon branding. This means that HTC is probably working on an unlocked GSM version of the device for our friends over in Europe and Asia. There’s no saying how much longer we’ll have to wait to get our hands on HTC’s phablet, but we’re really hoping we’ll get some official news about the device at HTC’s September 19th press event.

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