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Samsung GT-i9260 camera samples don’t bode well for Galaxy Nexus II picture quality


We’re still not sure if the Samsung GT-i9260 is the model number tied to the Galaxy Premiere, Galaxy Nexus II or both, but pictures from the device have started to make their way onto Google’s photo sharing service, Picasa, giving us an idea of what kind of photo quality could be included in Samsung’s next Nexus device. It may be a little early to judge, but if you were hoping for a top of the line camera you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

By searching for i9260 on Picasa right now, you can find three pictures that according to the EXIF data, were taken by what could very well be the Galaxy Nexus II. Faking EXIF data is relatively simple, but there’s good reason to believe these photos are the real deal. By doing a simple Google search for the names of the photographers, two out of the three photographers are linked to social media profiles of Samsung employees. Of course this isn’t solid proof, but it’s good enough for us to take the legitimacy of these photos seriously.

Assuming the EXIF data is real, the GT-i9260 is equipped with an F/2.65 aperture and a 4mm focal length. The Galaxy S III’s camera features an aperture of F/2.6 and a focal length of 3.6mm, and the Galaxy S II has an aperture F/2.65 and a focal length of 3.97mm. Because of these numbers, GSM Arena speculates that the camera found in the i9260 may very well be the same camera that was in the Galaxy S II. That would make sense from a cost prospective, if Google and Samsung were looking for keep the device affordable, and does line up well with previous rumors on the i9260. It’s rumored to launch with an 8-megapixel camera, the same resolution found in the shooter on the Galaxy S II.

The camera on the Galaxy S II was never terrible, but there are much better options available now. The images supposedly taken from the i9260 speak for themselves. Even if they were accidentally taken, or just a couple quick snapshots, not planned at all, they’re merely okay in picture quality at best. The darker the picture, the more noise is present, the brighter the picture, the foggier details appear (especially in the corners). They look like they were taken by a smartphone. Which isn’t exactly a compliment.

Since these photos do come from an unfinished device (two of the pictures list the i9260 as running different firmware versions), that isn’t shooting at its full resolution, the final results may be better. We’ll just have to wait and see.

1348486203240 20120919_155305 i9260 sample

Via: GSM Arena

Source: Picasa

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