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Unlocked Motorola RAZR HD coming in October


When Motorola announced the RAZR HD earlier this month they didn’t have the availability details sorted out quite yet. Over the weekend we learned that the first non-Verizon RAZR HD will launch in October. The first countries will include Germany, Brazil, and Canada, and we expect more countries will follow in the coming months.

Motorola is also selling developer editions of the newly announced Droid RAZR M ($549) and Droid RAZR HD (coming soon), but both devices are locked to Verizon Wireless. Hopefully there is an unlocked GSM version that follows for developers in other countries, or Motorola places the devices in their Unlock My Device service.

At this time it is not clear if the Droid RAZR M and Droid RAZR MAXX HD will be available outside of Verizon, so Motorola and the carrier might have locked up some exclusive launch. I would love to see an unlocked version of the MAXX with it’s enormous 3300 mAh battery, but I don’t think it will be available outside of Verizon this year.

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