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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note II shows up for some candids


As always you need to take these kind of images with a grain of salt, but if it’s a hoax it’s a bit odd as the user that posted these images has been a member of the mostly automotive focused forums for 8 years and they don’t seem to have any history of that kind of thing on there anyway.

So if we are to assume they are real the first thing most of you will probably key on is that splashy Verizon logo stamped on the home button. Now before you freak out make sure to also note the less than standard look of the menu and back buttons and remember that this is clearly not final. However the fact that Verizon is even toying with the idea of branding the home button is a little disturbing.

Unfortunately the only other piece of information accompanying the pics was that the tester thought they were looking at an early November launch, which lines up pretty closely with what we’ve been hearing, but that seemed to be just a guess based on past experience with their testing timeline.

With HTC possibly announcing a super sized device of their own next week the Note II might finally have some true competition in it’s somewhat rarefied space. So potentially bizarre branding decisions aside are you Verizon customers going to jump on the next generation of Note when it arrives?

Via: Engadget


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