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Another source says LG Nexus device in the works


Last week we reported that LG might be working on a Nexus device, and now another source has come forward with similar information. The Spanish blog MovilZona is reporting that a person connected with Vodafone told them that the next Nexus device would be made by LG.

We don’t know much about the credibility of this blog or their source, but this could be the first confirmation of our LG Nexus rumor. Vodafone sold both the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, so it is plausible that they could be preparing to launch another Nexus phone this year.

Since I wrote that the LG Optimus G could be the base for a Nexus device, I have received additional information. A trusted source told me they believe LG’s Nexus device will feature a phablet-sized display, which could be the basis of the Nexus 5 rumor that appeared this week.

At this point I’m not really confident in any of these details, but the noise of a LG Nexus device is definitely getting louder. We have reached out to some of our old school sources to see if we can dig up any additional information, and you can be sure we will be all over the next Nexus when it finally appears.

Source: MovilZona

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