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Amazon’s Kindle Fire gets spec bump, price drop to $159


The 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDs are the headliners here, but the original Kindle Fire is still alive and has gotten a not insignificant spec boost while shaving 20% off the price.

At $159 the Kindle Fire will again stand alone on the bottom rung of the Android tablet pricing ladder (among the major players anyway).

We’ll fill in all the details as they emerge, but the most notable upgrades to the 7″ Kindle Fire are a 20% increase in the processor and double the RAM for a 40% increase in performance. They have also extended the battery life from the original, which was rated for 8 hours of reading and 7.5 hours of video.

The new Kindle Fire will ship on September 14, but you can pre-order any of the new Kindles now.

This refreshed Kindle Fire can’t really go toe to toe with the Nexus 7 on performance or functionality (the new Fire HDs may be a different story), but at $159 and with the most valuable advertising space on the web, they are sure to move quite a few of them regardless.

Update: Interesting note that Amazon was a little quiet about during the announcement is that all the new Fires will have special offers (ads) on the lock screen.

Source: The Verge

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