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Electronic Arts and Gameloft pledge support for new Nexus devices


If you plan on buying a Nexus 4, Nexus 7, or Nexus 10, there will be a bunch of optimized games waiting for you on launch day. Both Electronic Arts and Gameloft have announced they will support the entire Nexus family of devices with their lineup of Android games.

Gameloft says they have optimized 10 of their best sellers to “take advantage of the huge new screen resolution on the Nexus 10 and the Qualcomm quad-core chipset in the Nexus 4.” Droid Gamers reports that Electronic Arts will have 13 titles available, but the individual games list has not been released.

Gameloft games coming to new Nexus devices:

The Nexus 4 will feature the fastest GPU of any Android smartphone and the Nexus 10 will have the fastest GPU of any Android tablet, so we should expect some even newer games to take advantage of this new hardware. The slightly-older Nexus 7 is also still special, since it has access to a big selection of exclusive games from TegraZone.

Overall this is great news for Android games. Just be sure you get a device with more than 8 GB of storage so you can play several of these games at once without having to uninstall them.

Via: DroidGamers

Source: Gameloft

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