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Public beta of Shadowgun: Deadzone now available for free on Google Play


Want to test out the next great shooter for Android? MadFinger Games just released their public beta for Shadowgun: Deadzone, a game that has been in the making for over a year. We first got our hands on it back in January at CES, and we are glad to finally play it again.

This version of the beat includes two game modes (deathmatch and zone control), four characters, two maps, seven weapons, and eight gadgets. Deadzone is available only for those with Tegra 3 devices, but it works on most of the popular devices like the Nexus 7, HTC One X, and Transformer Prime.

Madfinger Games notes that the game will only get better when the final version is released. “Please understand that as this is a Beta Version, there are a lot of missing features and content. The purpose of the Beta Version is to polish network code and the basic gameplay experience, as well as to resolve bugs. Also, please note that we are operating on a limited number of servers at the moment, so please don’t get upset if you experience a short wait.”

NVIDIA says that the final version of the game should be released for Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Marek Rabas, Madfinger CEO, explained why the Beta version is available only for Tegra 3 device owners:  “With the Beta Test we wanted to achieve results that could best help us.  By working closely with the NVIDIA team and the Tegra 3 technology itself, we are able to Beta test Shadowgun: Deadzone very efficiently which will help us provide an amazing gaming experience at launch.”

I’m installing it on my ASUS Transformer Prime right now, so grab the beta and come frag me.


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