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Android smartphone used to power CW ad in latest edition of Entertainment Weekly


If you thought print magazines were low tech, you obviously have not seen the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly. The CW has a high-tech ad placed in the middle of the magazine which features an LCD display that shows off a little promo and then switches over to a live twitter feed. Driven be curiosity, Mashable decided to perform the world’s first magazine tear-down to see what was used to power the intriguing ad.

To their surprise, the components used to power the LCD turned out to be a fully functioning Foxconn manufactured Android phone with a fairly large battery, rear camera and a T-Mobile SIM card which is connected for voice and data capabilities. The non-touch screen Android phone is missing a shell and its front-facing QWERTY keyboard keys, but we’re sure more than a few Android enthusiasts like you wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another device for the simple cost of a magazine.

Check out Mashable’s tear-down video below. I’ll be back in a bit. I’m heading down the street to buy my first ever copy of Entertainment Weekly.

Source: Mashable

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