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Did the “Sony Nexus X” just leak out? [Update: Maybe not]

2 years ago 82

Did the “Sony Nexus X” just leak out? Keep in mind these things can be easily faked, but someone just uploaded a pair of pics of an unknown Sony smartphone to Picasa and tagged them “Nexus X”. We already know that a LG Nexus is in the works, but persistent rumors have suggested we could see multiple Nexus devices, including one from Sony.

Just this weekend we Photoshopped a picture of the LG Nexus to match a description from a hands-on report, and already that image is being spread around the web as a real device. Even when things are clearly marked as fake, they sometimes get passed around as real.

Check out the high-res images below and let us know what you think. Is the Sony Nexus X fake or real? And if it turns out to be real, would you buy this over the LG Nexus?

Update: Our Photoshop expert Clark says these images are faked. “When you zoom way in, you can see a halo around Google.”