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Google hopes to get developers in line with Tablet App Quality Checklist


It’s no secret that Android is still lagging behind the competition in terms of tablet optimized apps. With Google officially carrying an Android tablet on the Play store, it’s time for something to be done about that. Google has been working hard to emphasize how important it is to build dynamic apps that scale and adjust to different display sizes, and today they’re driving that home with the Tablet App Quality Checklist.

Announced on the official Android Developers Blog, Google’s new Tablet App Quality Checklist is meant to be used as a guide to help developers better design apps to be used on ten- and seven-inch tablets. The checklist includes small lines of sample code, links to other app developing guidelines, and sections on everything from utilizing the added screen space of a tablet and tablet compatible icons, to using appropriate fonts and widget sizes. There’s even a link in the announcement post to a list of tablet apps Google considers to be the cream of the crop. Mint.com Personal Finance, Tiny Village and Instapaper all made the list.

It’s great to see Google reaching out to the app development community like this and making a stand for quality tablet applications for Android. If you’re a developer with an interest in making better apps for Android tablets, you can visit the Tablet App Quality Checklist now, as well as the Android Developers Google+ account where there are always hangouts and live video feeds discussing everything there is to know on developing for Android.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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