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Leaked Nexus 10 pictures and benchmarks confirm specs


We hope Google has some surprises in store for their big event on Monday, because all the details of the upcoming products have leaked out. Today we get new pictures of the Nexus 10 and a leaked benchmark that confirms the rumored specs. As previously reported, the Nexus 10 will run Android 4.2 and feature a 10.1-inch display with 2560×1600 display, 1.7 GHz Exynos 5 Dual with Mali-T604 GPU, 16 GB storage, and 2 GB RAM.

Kenneth Pennington of Brief Mobile has also posted a gallery of photos of the Nexus 10 and Android 4.2. The tablet looks similar to the pictures from the quick-start guide and we also get a look at the multi-user accounts found in the new quick settings menu. Hit up the source link for additional pics and info.

We can see it features a top of the line display and processor, but I’m curious what price people are willing to pay for a high-end Android tablet. Based on what you know of the rumored Nexus 10 tablet, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Multiple user accounts are coming to Android tablets.

Via: GLBenchmark

Source: Brief Mobile

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