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LG’s Nexus could launch as the Nexus 4, with multiple colors


Most of the details surrounding the next Nexus have already leaked, but we are still unsure of the final product name and launch plan. This morning The Verge reports that the device could launch as the “Nexus 4″, according to a leak from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse. If their inventory system description is correct, we also might see black and white color options for the Nexus 4.

The LG Nexus would be the 4th phone in the Nexus series and we expect it to feature a 4.7 inch display, so the name Nexus 4 certainly makes sense. Google already went with Nexus 7 for their 7-inch tablet by ASUS, and they are widely expected to partner with Samsung on a 10.1-inch tablet sold under the name Nexus 10. Other rumors have even suggested there could be a Nexus 5 by HTC, but there has not been a lot of evidence to back that up.

We were originally told that the next Nexus would be announced in October, and CNET had a similar report saying the LG device would launch this month. CNET’s sources also said the product name was still undecided, so don’t be surprised if the LG Nexus launches with a different name like the “Optimus Nexus.”

What do you think of the name Nexus 4? Are you ready to hand over your money to Google, or will you wait and see if any other Nexus phones appear?

Source: The Verge

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