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New Nexus 7 32 GB to retail for same price as old 16 GB model


We know that Google has a family of new Nexus 7 tablets coming soon, but none of the details are official. So far we expect a $99 entry-level version, an ultra-thin model with 32 GB storage, and possibly a third device somewhere in-between. According to a new leak from a UK retailer, it appears the new 32 GB version will retail for the same price as the old 16 GB model.

A reader sent us a shelf tag that shows the Nexus 7 32 GB listed for £199, the exact same price that the 16 GB model launched at in the UK. In the United States the 16 GB version sold for $249, so we can assume that the 32 GB version will also sell around $249.

We don’t know if any other specs will change, but we can confirm that ASUS and Google are sticking with the Tegra 3 processor. The recent release of Android 4.1.2 also suggested a new revision of the Nexus 7 might use a different power management chip. Previous rumors have also said we might see a Nexus 7 with a 3G modem, but we haven’t seen any evidence to back up those claims.

I still consider the Nexus 7 to offer the best Android experience for a 7-inch tablet, but you might want to hold off your purchase with price drops just around the corner.

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