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Nexus 10 captured on video

2 years ago 61

Google’s upcoming Android event might have been cancelled, but details of their new Nexus devices continues to leak out. Today the guys at Brief Mobile posted a brief video of the Nexus home screen. The preview is only a couple seconds long, but this anonymous source has access to the device and we expect a couple more videos will be shared over the coming days.

New details from the hands-on report include:

  • Screen may be IPS. It was my mistake yesterday writing “Super AMOLED.” We fixed that in our article and sent out a Twitter update about the correction. Our source claims the screen reproduces colors akin to the HTC One X and looks “gorgeous.”
  • Camera takes “excellent” pictures, according to the source
  • Back of the device feels like a faux brushed metal
  • It’s extremely light and thin

Anyone care to guess what the Nexus 10 will retail for?

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