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Production of Sharp’s 5-inch 1080p displays almost underway

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Move over 4.x-inch 720p displays, you low resolution toys of yesteryear. Your time is up. Starting this month, there’s going to be a new sheriff in town: Sharp’s 5-inch full HD 1920×1080 443 ppi displays are slated to go into production this month. And they could find their way into phones that will hit shelves before the end of the year.

Announced this morning on Sharp’s online news portal, production of type 5 LCD panels will start in October. By using “CG-Silicon” technology, Sharp has been able to cram a full blown 1920×1080 display into just 5-inches of real estate. The end result is an incredibly impressive 443 ppi screen that will blow away anything currently on the market. The only thing that will be able to compete this year, if things go according to plan, is LG’s 5-inch full HD panel that boasts a density of 440 ppi. Sharp’s numbers claim their display has a slightly higher ppi than LG’s, but there’s no way anyone would be able to tell the difference between the two.

No specific products using Sharp’s type 5 panel have been announced, but we have some good ideas. There’s a rumor going around online right now that HTC will be manufacturing a 5-inch Nexus device this year, to be released for the holiday season. While we still have our doubts on the validity of this rumor, should it come true, Sharp’s 5-inch 1080p panel would undoubtedly be the display HTC goes with. HTC has used Sharp panels in the past, and nothing else would be ready in time.

The Nexus 5 rumor is based around a slightly more solidified device, the 5-inch HTC Droid Incredible X, which has yet to be officially announced. Earlier rumors on the Incredible X point toward a slightly different display than the one just announced by Sharp, but it’s likely those rumors were just wrong.

A 5-inch 1080p 443 ppi display feels like a bit of overkill to me, but if the phablet trend continues to move forward, an ultra high-resolution display makes sense. I’m still hoping my next phone comes with a nice 4.5-inch 720p display, but I’d still love to get my hands on one of Sharp’s panels. How about you?

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