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Samsung Nexus 10 not arriving until “first half of next year”

2 years ago 22

If you were hoping for the rumored high-end Nexus 10 tablet this holiday season, get ready to be disappointed. Brooke Crothers of CNET, the same guy that said Samsung would produce the Nexus 10, is now reporting the tablet is “expected in the first half of next year.”

We don’t know what the hold up is, but it could be the next generation display or processor. The Nexus 10 is rumored to include a 2,560 x 1,600 display and Samsung’s Exynos 5 (ARM Cortex-A15) processor. Both of these components have been shown off since early this year, but Samsung could have run into issues producing either part in volume.

Thankfully we should still have a full lineup of new entry-level and mid-range Nexus tablets, but it looks like we will have to wait for next year to experience a high-end, 10-inch model that can compete with the new iPad.